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What is BlockNum?

BlockNum is a Distributed Ledger Technology (“DLT”) which uses the Public Switched Telephone Network (“PSTN”) to support secure transactions for the GIGA cryptotoken

The GIGA: A Transparent Transport Token

The GIGA is a new form of crypto-token that is a “transport token”. It is defined as a transport token because it “transports” transactions between parties in a seamless and transparent manner.

GIGA Ecosystem

We are currently developing a business plan for a comprehensive expansion of the GIGA ecosystem. The expansion will take advantage of the underlying BlockNum blockchain technology


BlockNum, GIGA and the related ecosystem has been developed to address the inherent problems with current blockchains and provide a transparent transport token and platform which demystifies and simplifies the blockchain and provides the mechanism to allow anybody with a phone to transact in a decentralized blockchain environment.

Returning to the ubiquity and growth of mobile Internet, the solution lies in the power of the smartphone and the uniqueness of an individual’s phone number. Tied to the GIGA token is the ability to create virtual blockchain wallets with account numbers linked to a phone number. Under the NANP E.164 international numbering standard, a telephone number can have up to 15 digits which provides the basis for a unique virtual wallet address for anybody in the world and the potential number of wallets to increase from 15 million to several billion in a very short period of time and associated with individuals or companies without any complexity. The virtual nature of the wallet also means that transactions can occur in milliseconds instead of minutes and there are no barriers to entry for users.

The GIGA transports all transactions in the BlockNum which includes the transfer of GIGAs between BlockNum wallets well as other future transaction modules such as seamless and instant currency exchange (fiat to fiat, crypto to crypto, fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat).

In the future, the GIGA will also be available for the payment of services in real time. As such, it will become the first “consumable” token – i.e. it will be consumed as services are used. For example, one of the BlockNum modules currently under development is iPCS, an IP-only mobile service. iPCS will accept the GIGA for services provided and GIGAs will be consumed as the services are provided.

Problems to be addressed

There are several fundamental problems that the GIGA and BlockNum will address.

  • The Bockchain is Currently too Restrictive and not Useable for Most People
  • Blockchain Transactions are not Eco-friendly and Disproportionately Costly to Execute
  • Blockchain Transactions Take too Long to Complete
  • Complex to Develop Business Models around Blockchains
  • Issues around potential “Double Spending” have yet to be addressed

BlockNum is a Distributed Ledger Technology (“DLT”) which uses the Public Switched Telephone Network (“PSTN”) to support secure transactions for the GIGA cryptotoken through a Public Switched Teliphone Blockchain Network (“PSTBN”)

The PSTN is the oldest, most ubiquitous, most robust and most decentralized communications network in the world. It is available in virtually any location and is operated by thousands of local network operators.

BlockNum is fast and GREEN ! .

As electrical consumption and transaction time become more of an issue, one has to ask whether there is a mechanism that is able to provide the advantages of the blockchain – namely secure decentralized transactions, process integrity and empowerment of users without the intensive energy consumption, process slowdowns and excessive complexity.

The concept of the GIGA a transparent transport cryptocurrency and BlockNum, a highly secure blockchain network environment based on the international public switched telephone network or PSTN through an evolved Public Switched Telephone Blockchain Network of PSTBN. BlockNum transactions using GIGAs are not only secure and use the highly trusted PSTN, but because of the nature of the network configuration and limited need for lengthy and every increasing computations, can be completed in milliseconds and without massive power requirements. Furthermore, because of the ubiquitous installed capacity of the PSTN, it is instantly scalable without limit.

And while mining functions will remain a key component of BlockNum, the ability for mining operations to become highly centralized and therefore reduced the democratic principles of blockchain mining is minimized.

What they said:

  • The annualized electrical consumption for Bitcoin blockchain transactions is on a steady rise. By mid-November 2017 the consumption was determined to be 28.5 TWh or 32% in one month.
  • To put this in perspective, we estimates that the Bitcoin annualized electrical requirements as of November 16, 2017 are equivalent to the electrical requirements of countries like Ireland, Bahrain and the Slovak Republic and represent 0.13% of the world’s electrical consumption.
  • the number of blockchain transactions executed in October 2017 typically ranged from 2,000 to 6,000 transactions per second with some peak times recording over 10,000 transactions per second.
    Blockchain Luxembourg SA,
At a micro level each Bitcoin transaction is estimated to consume 280 kWh – or the equivalent of what 9 average households would consume in a day. The annualized mining costs at just over US$1.4 billion. While Ethereum consumes considerably less per transaction, as of mid-November 2017, they consume some 60 kWh per transaction with a global consumption cost of US$1.2 billion


A total of 10,000,000 GIGA tokens will be generated at a face value of 35 GIGAs per ETH (approximately 0.02857143 ETH per GIGA). No further production of tokens is planned in the near future. 5 million tokens will be sold during the crowdsale and 5 million will be held in reserve plus any unsold tokens after the crowdsale. As the platform evolves, management will re-evaluate the merits of additional token production. No tokens will be given to founders. 

All purchases of GIGAs will be transacted in Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin or fiat currency. If the minimum threshold is not reached, funds received during the crowdsale will be refunded to buyers automatically. All purchasers will then be required to review and accept the TGE terms and Conditions and disclosures and comply with eligibility requirements.

The TGE will begin on December 20, 2017 and terminate on January 30, 2018. GIGAs will be sold at a discount based on a date of purchase as follows:

The GIGA and BlockNum will become a ubiquitous, green, sustainable and democratic blockchain which will provide the mechanism for simple and swift transactions between parties




GIGA tokens will be held initially in a central UnitedCorp Ethereum account. Upon completion of the TGE, GIGAs will be transferred to wallets of token holders.

A separate wallet will be set up as an iPCS transaction wallet.  At this initial level, tokens can be transferred between wallets. The iPCS wallet will be used as a clearinghouse for services.



  • iPCS User Accounts – Service by Fiat Currency
    Each iPCS user will set up their own iPCS account. In order to fund services
  • iPCS User Accounts – Service by GIGA Token
    GIGA token holders with have the option of receiving iPCS services and paying for them with GIGAs from their personal wallets.
  • GIGA Consumption by iPCS Users
    As the user consumes their GIGA (usage, recurring charges, etc.), they will see the consumption in real time on their Smartphone and this will be tracked on iPCS operating wallet ledger at an 8 digit level of detail.
  • GIGA Transfers Between Parties
    GIGAs will be transferable between GIGA wallet holders as smart contracts but also between iPCS users.  When transferred between iPCS users, iPCS will track the transactions within its own ledger and GIGAs will remain in the iPCS operating wallet.