BlockNum Stakeholders

BlockNum will initially consist of 3 stakeholders, each with a specific role in the development and execution of BlockNum:

Internet PCS Inc. (BVI)

Internet PCS Inc. (“Internet PCS”) is a corporation registered in the British Virgin Islands. Its role is to issue and the GIGA token which will be used for transaction within the BlockNum and to fund reserves required for transactions or reserves of services where the GIGA can be used for such services.

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The BlockNum Project

The BlockNum Project is an entity which will oversee the final development of the BlockNum PSTN blockchain. In early 2018 BlockNum will become an independent not-for-profit organization which supports continual product improvement, set procedures and policies for the BlockNum and provide the vision for the future of the BlockNum.

United American Corporation

United American Corp, operating as UnitedCorp will oversee all financial aspects of the BlockNum project and GIGA TGE. It will also provide ongoing management and implementation of the BlockNum. Through arrangements with underlying telecommunications and data center infrastructure, it will also provide the technical support and network access required for the implementation of the GIGA and BlockNum project. Services include:

  • Implementation of the TGE including programming of smart contracts and technical support
  • Management and accountability of funds
  • Supply of administration, back office support and overhead
  • Legal and compliance related to operations
  • Data center and cloud services
  • Development of BlockNum ancillary modules


The UnitedCorp team for this project represents a unique and synergistic group of skills which balances the need for a high level of business and administrative skills in order to run a business successfully with the technical, operational and innovative required to keep the company at the leading edge in a challenging blockchain environment. This allows us to capitalize on opportunities and push beyond traditional boundaries while maintaining the corporate discipline needed to monetize our ideas.

Benoit Laliberté


A consummate innovator and entrepreneur, Benoit has been running his own business since he was 16. He is a technological visionary, inventor and the holder of several patents. He is the technical and creative force behind BlockNum/GIGA and the inventor/patent holder of the iPCS technology.

Sandeep Panesar, BEng, COO

Executive Vice President

Sandeep manages our operations. He has worked as an entrepreneur successfully developing companies and building value for their stake holders, particularly in the information technology/information security and telecommunications sectors. Through his previous experience as CEO, COO, CMO and President for different technology-based corporations, he has acquired such skills as determining project viability, development and implementation of business process, identification and mitigation of risk, and start-up / operational development and management. Sandeep’s knowledge of the industry and operation experience allow him to assess and evaluate hidden opportunities in potential acquisitions.

Lawry Trevor-Deutsch, MSc MBA

Corporate Affairs

Lawry has been in business development for over 30 years and oversees UnitedCorp’s corporate development, finance and compliance. As President of Strathmere Associates International Limited, he has been brought in to consult for major organizations such as The World Bank, Bayer Inc., The Bendix Corporation and the Government of Canada. He has also worked with numerous startups and understands the unique needs of managing growth.

Maxime Brazeau

Chief of Engineering Services

Maxime Brazeau is often referred to as the “heart and soul” of the operation. With a degree in IT Programming from the College de Maisonneuve, he started his career some 15 years ago at Bell Canada in their Internet division. Over the years he gained skills as a Network and Voice Analyst and has created numerous customer solutions including voice switches, fax to email applications, calling card applications etc. Using an open source Session Border Controller (SBC) he developed a highly functional open source SBC for clients saving them thousands of dollars over commercial versions. He is therefore very adept at finding simple and elegant solutions to complex problems.

Martin Reidy

Chief Programmer

Martin Reidy was previously Chief Technology Officer for SecuritySage Overdrive. He has over 30 years of software development experience, and over 20 years of successful implementation of technology solutions, and a background in mathematics. He studied in advance Theoretical Maths at the Montreal University of Concordia. He serves as lead system architect and technology innovator for the company. His experience with information systems, data organization, application development, and the management and implementation of technology brings immense experience to any project in which he participates.

Eric Cadieux

Token Engineering

Eric Cadieux has skills in electronic engineering and computer science with core competencies in Linux, Asterisk, VoIP, IPTV and network development and having worked for major corporations such as Staples. Eric has been instrumental in the design and build of several projects including an IPTV head end in Montreal and most recently a 400 Mega Hash server mining system. Eric is currently supporting Martin on the GIGA token engineering.

Denis LaManna


Denis Lamanna has been in the telecom industry for nearly 15 years. As a skilled supervisor and manager, he oversees all aspects of web development including programming, graphical user interfaces and web functionality. He is particularly adept at developing web sites that are functional, easily intuitive in addition to being visually attractive.